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Potential applicants are cautioned that there is almost always competition for any type of radio station – including LPFM stations – and that there is no guarantee that the submission of an acceptable application will result in the issuance of a building permit. Applications for LPFM stations can only be submitted during the FCC`s announced submission “windows” and must be filed electronically on FCC Form 318 (paper applications will not be accepted). Many applicants retain legal and technical counsel to assist them in preparing an acceptable application. (The FCC does not maintain a list of law and engineering firms and cannot recommend individuals or companies.) Rádio Ativa 96.7 FM – Santa Terezinha de Goiás / GO Do jeito que ela estiver transmitindo em seu link, será também transmitido em nosso site. Ou seja, se a transmissão da rádio via Internet estiver distorcida, cortando, com pouco volume ou com baixa qualidade, ela tocará da mesma maneira em nosso site. These mutually exclusive situations are resolved through the application of a points system. Points are awarded for (1) the organization`s presence in the community for at least two years, (2) a commitment to broadcast at least twelve hours a day, and (3) a commitment to provide at least eight hours of locally produced programming each day. The applicant with the most points receives the building permit. If there are more than eight successful applicants, the FCC allocates the eight-year term among applicants who receive a point for established community presence.

If there are more than eight applicants, the FCC will grant non-renewable conditions of licence to the eight companies with the longest community presence for one year. Please note no audio ads are shown during a program. This type of audio is generated directly by the transmitter and not by, is not our responsibility or control, and may even occur in our PRO version. PFFF stations are accessible to non-commercial educational institutions and public safety and transportation agencies, but are not accessible to individuals or commercial operations. Current broadcasting licensees with interests in other media (broadcasting or newspapers) are not eligible to receive FMFP transmitters. Speech Serra Dourada 97.9 FM – São Miguel do Araguaia / GO If the app is already installed and you are using an Android device, press the “Listen to RadiosNet Android” button to automatically open the radio in the app. To listen to this radio, we recommend that you install the RadiosNet app for Android or iOS. LPFM stations must protect radio stations licensed on the same channel or frequency (co-channel) and transmitting stations on the adjacent first or second channel above or below the FMFP station`s frequency. This protection is achieved through the use of the minimum distance requirements specified in 47 CFR 73.807. Long list (more details) If related applicants cannot agree to share a license, the FCC also divides an eight-year non-renewable license term among applicants. For example, if there are four restricted applicants, each receives a two-year non-renewable licence term.

The first licence term will be awarded to the first to complete the construction of its facilities in accordance with its building permit. If a new submission window is planned, it will be announced through a public announcement and posted on the FCC website at least 30 days prior to the start of the application period in several locations, including this webpage. We regret that we are unable to inform interested parties personally or in advance. All applications must be filed electronically. [The last registration deadline is October 2013.] In the event of a tie after the points have been counted, competing candidates are encouraged to share a license. Candidates who resubmit their application can summarize their points. For example, three candidates with three points each would receive a total of nine points in a new submission. This aggregate group of nine-point applicants would obtain a building permit through a single three-point applicant. Since we are not responsible, it will not always be possible to solve the problem of radio, especially if its transmission over the Internet is not on the air. If your list of favorite stations is not synchronized with the following table, click the Reload button. Note: We are not responsible for the transmission of radios, our website only “corrects” what the radio already broadcasts on the Internet. Documents to retrieve: All LPFM recordings Pending applicationsBuilding permitAuthorized stations Rádio São Miguel 87.9 FM – São Miguel do Passa Quatro / GO Downloading the app is very easy! Click the “Available on Google Play” button if you are using an Android device or the “Download from AppStore” button if you are using an iOS device.

The sections of the rules for LPFM stations are listed in Title 47, Part 73 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Most of the MFSA rules are contained in Subdivision G of Part 73 (section 73.800 series), but there are references to sections of rules in other parts and subparts. Amplification, it is not audio announcements inserted by the, but by the radio itself, which generates the transmission. Rádio Castello Web – Presidente Castello Branco / SC Rádio Rural 94.9 FM – Alto Paraíso de Goiás / GO For more details on the points system, please see the report and order in MM Docket 99-25. What do you want? Please select an option below:.