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Yasmin has been a lawyer since 2010 and has been involved in civil and commercial litigation since 2007, where she holds legal positions in debt collection and civil litigation. My role is to act on behalf of DCBL in legal proceedings; DCBL is essentially my only customer. While DCB Legal asserts claims against debtors, I work on the other side and defend debtors` claims against DCBL. She continued: “We get a lot of requests for legal work, representation, judicial work in general for filing claims, things like that, so it really makes sense. [for us] to be able to accept external customers. Well, I started at DCBL in-house as a lawyer in 2017 and then worked with management to launch DCB Legal as my own firm! This process took about 6 months and the company was finally founded in June 2017. We started as a team of 4. When we founded DCB Legal, we wanted to make claims on behalf of our clients and provide legal services without having to outsource to third parties, which increased our ability to effectively deliver results for our clients. We have established an alternative business structure, which means we have managers trained in law and non-legal, which brings a wide variety of experience to the company. ABS has not yet been established as an operational company, she said. They were currently her and two paralegals and they worked out of DCBL`s head office in Northwich, Cheshire. A bailiff`s office, made famous by a long-form TV series, created an alternative business structure (ABS) to benefit in part from the legal work that follows the national exhibition.

Attorney Yasmin Mia, head of ABS`s legal practice, finance and administration, who was admitted in 2010, told Legal Futures that she is looking forward to the “flexibility” that an ABS structure would allow. As a founding member of the firm, DCB Legal was created as an alternative business structure that allows legal and non-legal managers to work together and leverage their experience from different sectors. Prior to all this, I spent time at Arrow Global in the in-house legal team. I was also a consultant for 4 different companies at the same time and previously led a commercial litigation team. I have been qualified for 10 years now! [The firm] may engage in regulated activities exempted under Part XX of the Financial Services and Markets Act, 2000, provided that those activities arise from or complement the reserved legal activities or other legal activities of the firm. DCB Legal Limited received its licence from the Solicitors Regulation Authority earlier this month. Any obligation that may be imposed on [the Company] or any unauthorized manager, employee or shareholder of [the Company] from time to time by or under the licensing rules of the SRA or by or under the ICA or any other regulation. Looks like you`re new here. Log in or sign up to get started. I also deal with all Supreme Court issues raised by debtors, such as fees, conduct, etc.

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Ms. Mia said she does not appear on television herself. The high level of public awareness of the company is “strange at times”. Yasmin is knowledgeable in complaint resolution and compliance issues as well as litigation litigation, one of her specialties being Supreme Court enforcement actions. DCB Legal Ltd is not a listed company or a subsidiary of a listed company or wholly owned by a listed company. She intended to hire “another lawyer and a few additional support staff” who she said would cover the areas served by the company`s five offices – in London, the North West, the Midlands, Scotland and Wales. The show, which grossed 2 to 3 million viewers per episode, says it reveals “the dramatic stories of Britons at the forefront of bad debt.” She added: “Although we didn`t want a massive influx of work from the start. We`ll get there and.. I want a bigger team.

Debtors will also file formal complaints against High Court enforcement officers – these complaints are called EAC2 – which are directly related to the conduct of the officers, so they can be very serious. The vast majority of our officers never receive them, but I would work to advocate for these cases for DCBL. DCBL agents wear white shirts, black ties and anti-stabbing vests with the company logo. ⚠ Report abuse To notify the Law Society of any inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our Contact Us page. In addition, I am a student member of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association, which means I am studying to become a High Court Enforcement Officer. I receive direct updates from the association, such as changes to the law. As a result, I have more industry knowledge and experience that I can pass on to employees and customers. She described the TV series as “a very good platform” for the company, adding that the agents who played the lead role “work outside, so I don`t see them on a daily basis.” .